Mass Appeal is an idea-driven branding agency. We translate actionable insights into creative personas for products and businesses. We amplify our clients’ brands through all forms of expression – from traditional advertising to video, social media and customer service. We are also partnering with business leaders and investors to grow three of our own concepts into businesses.

Our Services

how we help our clients create mass appeal

Strategic Planning

Using a structured, proven approach, we unearth actionable intelligence and use it as basis for establishing a strategic framework for brand development.

Persona Development

We translate actionable intelligence into an idea driven brand persona — a likeable, socially relevant identity for your product or business.

Creative Expression

We create brand likeability across touchpoints. We lavish special attention to live branding — the way in which your brand comes to life through human interaction.


Mass Appeal’s senior team includes Dean Pedersen, Ian Magrisso, Erin McGrath and Andrew Miller — each of whom contributes unique strengths to our overall approach. Our offices are located at 1400 N Halsted in Chicago. Reach us at 312.376.0254. We look forward to hearing from you.


praise we have earned from our clients


Since we began working with Mass Appeal in 2011, we have seen a meaningful increase in sales. We know that this increase is in no small part attributable to Mass Appeal’s exceptional strategic leadership and creative work.

– Paul White, President, Kinter

- Kinter

King Koil_Logo_Black

Mass Appeal’s expertise in brand conceptualization and advertising far exceeds any other agency we have worked with. Their creative work has helped us capture the interest of retailers and consumers, which has helped us grow our business in the U.S.

– Dave Roberts, President, King Koil

- King Koil


We have a great working relationship with Mass Appeal. Their expertise in social media, influencer marketing and video has energized our online fanbase — increasing viewership of the show and driving people to view our online content.

– John Coulter, Executive Producer, “A Piece of the Game”

- A Piece of the Game

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