dean pedersen

i’ve worked in marketing since 1994, including nearly a decade of account management at Leo Burnett. i’ve worked on global accounts and startups.
i’ve founded, led and grown agencies. and i’ve been fortunate enough to
be able to hone in on the side of the business that excites me the most:
brand image, which makes namewell the ideal place for me to do
what I do best, namely, to help brands create love at first sight.

my workday
new business development, strategy development, creative
ideation, account and project management. i also run the
business side of our business.

professional philosophy
don’t look for your dream job. create it.

away from work
i’m a family guy, avid golfer and a diehard Bears fan.

andrew miller

from my first job as a copywriter in 1993, i have been fascinated with how brands show up in the world. the stories they tell about themselves. and how those stories make people want to go deeper into the brand. perhaps i haven’t looked in the right places, but i’ve never been able to find a job where i could spend all day/every day architecting brand magnetism. so I created one.

my workday at namewell
new business development, brand strategy development, creative ideation and story development. i am also namewell’s CHO (chief health officer), meaning that i get to decide how often we break down and order ShakeShack.

my professional philosophy
pick one thing and become synonymous with it.

when i’m not creating name magnets
i’m a travel baseball dad, animal wildlife video watcher and gym person.

perry gattegno,
outside trademark counsel

i practice law at Andresen & Associates, P.C., where i focus on trademark prosecution as well as intellectual property strategy and counseling. i have been privileged to collaborate with clients doing innovative work in the media, sports, software, hospitality and apparel industries, among others. i work with namewell to vet the legal side of new trademarks. a recovering journalist, i retain a rather soft spot for a good story. i like short sentences and hate legalese.

Andresen & Associates, P.C., is a Chicago-based law firm that focuses its offerings in the areas of sports law, entertainment and the arts, intellectual property and internet legal matters. the firm further offers a wide array of legal and non-legal services and consultation to business and corporate clients ranging from small entrepreneurs to multi-million dollar corporations.

my workday
iced tea. lots of iced tea. 

professional philosophy
what can I do to help you?

away from work
great family and friends, good food, and Northwestern sports. all at once, if possible.