namewell names asthma detection solution.

Moms of children with allergies and asthma have a powerful new ally. We named it Exhale.

You order Exhale at When the Exhale kit arrives, you plug in the Exhale device and allow it to sample the air in your home. Then you send the kit back to Exhale, and they test your air sample for major allergens in their ISO qualified lab.

One to two weeks later when you receive results, you can call and discuss your personalized allergy/asthma management action plan with one of Exhale’s compassionate registered allergy nurses.

The vision behind Exhale is that of entrepreneur Prasanthi Gandhi. After partnering with a world class scientist, securing funding, and building a beta version of the allergy detection solution, Prasanthi reached out to us for help with branding.

We did extensive research, immersing in product, vision and culture. We analyzed the competition. And we conducted in-depth interviews with “Asthma Moms” to understand their wants and needs.

What we learned is that it’s emotional. Nothing is more important to a mom than her children’s ability to breathe. We listened to Moms tell harrowing stories about asthma attacks, sleepless night and scary visits to the emergency room.

We challenged ourselves to find a name that evoked compassion, reassurance and safety in a way that somehow connected to allergies/asthma/breathing.

That led us to Exhale.

The word “exhale” evokes a sense of relief. Imagine you have a friend who’s stressed out about something. You might say “Ok, exhale” as way of reassuring them that whatever it is, you’re in it together and it’s going to be ok.”

That’s what our client wants to say. And it’s exactly what moms of children with allergies/asthma need to hear.

Our next step was to translate the Exhale concept into visual and verbal realms, creating a logo, tag line, and key messaging. We invite you to give it all a look at

We’re excited to continue deepening our focus on health and wellness. We’re doing what comes naturally. And that always seems to go well.