clients in the news: SPENGA

It feels great to name a new brand. And even better to know that the name we developed is driving the brand’s success.

Our client, a fitness company, observed that many consumers these days are using multiple fitness providers. For example, some people go to a gym, a second location for personal training and perhaps even a third location for yoga.

They envisioned a fitness concept that addresses the full range of fitness needs in one convenient workout that combines cardio (spin), strength training and sports yoga – and deliver this to the high-end fitness consumer in an ultra-stylish and luxurious environment.

However, the right name for this concept proved elusive. So we were invited to help.

We knew we needed to avoid expected, boring fitness vernacular, like “x-fit.” We knew that anything that smelled like fitness would undersell the total experience our client was seeking to deliver. The name needed evoke “3-in-1 fitness” but the character/tone/style of the name needed to feel more like high-end fashion. We developed several namecepts that delivered against the challenge. The one that was clearly proved to be the most inviting to our client’s target audience was SPENGA, a portmanteau we created from the “sp” in “spin”, the “eng” in “strength” and the “ga” in “yoga.”

The first SPENGA location opened in Mokena, IL in fall 2015. Today, SPENGA is a growth business, with 16 Midwest locations either open or in various stages of development, and plans to expand nationwide.

Favorable coverage in Crain’s Chicago Business as well as Yahoo! Finance further validates SPENGA’s success.

We were gratified to hear that several franchisees told our client that they love the SPENGA branding.

SPENGA deepens our traction in the area of fitness/health/wellness, which includes past experience with East Bank Club, Charter Fitness, David Barton Gym, Oak Street Health and Cubii.

We’re currently naming yet another fitness concept and look forward to showing you the work.